Benefits of Cerasee Tea

Cerasee Tea

Apart from its ability to cleanse drug related toxins from the body, Cerasee is known to lower blood sugar, blood pressure, aid digestive issues and kill parasites or worms

Like the fruit it produces, the Cerasee plant has a very bitter taste. The tea is usually prepared from both leaves and stems. It can be sweetened with both honey and cinnamon–this adds flavor while maintaining the amazing therapeutic benefits which we get more into below.

Cerasee Benefits

Rich in Vitamins A, C, iron and phosphorous, Cerasee excels in detoxing the body. However, its many therapeutic benefits originate from its rich antioxidant and polyphenol content.

Lower Cholesterol

Rich in catechin (a flavonol), the same powerful antioxidant found in green tea, Cerasee has the ability to fight inflammation, lower Cholesterol and protect the heart. 

Lower Blood Sugar and Pressure

Although tea made from the Bitter Melon fruit is filled with antioxidants, researchers have found tea made from the Cerasee plant (leaves and stems) have a higher concentration of gallic acid. This polyphenol possesses powerful hypoglycemic and anti-hypertensive properties. 

Kill Parasites and Worms

Cerasee’s anti-microbial properties have long been used to kill worms and parasite in the body. In addition, it laxative effects also help to expel them. 

Relieve constipation, upset stomach and aid digestion

That pizza you had earlier isn’t sitting too well in your stomach? No worries, brew a cup of cerasee tea, it’s a go to for Caribbean moms. It’s bitter characteristics stimulate bile production that helps to break down food and expel bloating.

Flush Drug related toxins from the body

Cerasee is a long time remedy used to flush residual medication and drug related toxins like THC out of the blood. If used continuously over a short period of time, its potent diuretic properties can dehydrate the body.

Treat Skin Rash and Eczema

In the Caribbean, Cerasee is sometimes combined with other herbs to make a “bush” bath that is used to alleviate skin conditions like eczema, rash or ring worms (fungal infections) 

Treat Menstrual Cramps

Cerasee Tea is great for women experiencing menstrual cramps. It helps to alleviate pain and cramps.

How to use

Since Cerasee tea is rich in Vitamin A, C, phosphorous, and alkaloids, and hosts a multitude of benefits for the body.There isn’t a recommend standard dosage for any condition. For dosing recommendations, consult your doctor or a qualified natural health practitioner.

To make cerasee tea:

  1. add boiling water to pan and add a small handful of fresh or dried cerasee
  2. boil for at least five minutes
  3. Strain the tea
  4. Enjoy hot

you can add sweeteners to your taste or leave it natural


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