Green Sea Moss Benefits

Green Sea Moss Gel

What is the difference between Gold Sea Moss & Green Sea Moss?

There is no difference between the Green and Gold Sea Moss in regard to its nutritional content, but the colour does give the Sea Moss its unique qualities as do other foods and their specific colours.

Gold Moss – Provides beta Cryptothanxin, which is said to help with communication between the cells.
Green Moss -Provides Chlorophyll which is pigment that gives Plants their green colour.Sea Moss uses chlorophyll along with sunlight to get their nutrients.

Green Sea Moss

Chlorophyll is the natural compound present in green plants that gives them their color. It helps plants to absorb energy from the sun as they undergo the process of photosynthesis. This nutrient is present in green vegetables and other plant-based foods, like algae. The greener the vegetable is, the higher its chlorophyll content.

Some of the potential benefits of chlorophyll include:

  • protects the liver
  • boosts energy levels
  • Supplies oxygen to tissues
  • boosts the immune system
  • helps you lose weight
  • has anti-aging properties
  • helps with acne problems
  • may help prevent some types of cancer.
  • a wash out (makes you go toilet more frequently)

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